I want more girl byronic figures, I want more reckless self-important girl libertines leaving a string of broken men in their wake while dashing off poems and getting into obscene wagers. I want girl characters that are just on the charming mercurial side of unlikeable arseholes and definitely morally questionable, but always game for a revolution.

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The stonewall riots were started by trans women of colour and nobody is allowed to forget that

Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera didn’t march so that you could be transmisogynt and cissexist.


Reblog, always.

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no war but the skeleton class war


no war but the skeleton class war

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KING HENRY: are you ever going to stop partying
HAL: im not partying
KING HENRY: you’re partying right now
HAL: only as a commentary on partying
KING HENRY: that doesn’t make any sense
HAL: doesnt it

FALSTAFF: do u want to get high
HAL: yeah
but only because then everyone will be really impressed when i stop getting high
HAL: its a plan i came up with when i was high

Dirtbag Henry IV, Part I 

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i am stuck at work for the next hour while the wonderful cat parsleytheherblion is at my house and i need time to speed the fuck up so i can go cuddle with her and go see pride 


Dark-Winged Angels: Roberto Ferri

Sumptuous oil paintings by Taranto, Italy romantic painter Roberto Ferri (b. 1978), modern master of his own Baroque revival, who some call Caravaggio’s heir. Who am I to argue?

We often see Ferri’s Lucifero posted here and at other blogs (the fifth image down). No idea why I hadn’t previously taken the time to look up more of this painter’s work. Gorgeous, one and all. But be they good or bad, why, we must wonder, are all of the angels’ wings dark?

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october witch looks


october witch looks

october witch looks

october witch looks

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Jacob van Loon

First Flower III

Ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper



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Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: OMEN


Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: OMEN


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Countdown to Halloween The Craft (1996)

Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power. 

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Protesters carry a mirrored coffin. 

Saturday, October 11th

Wish I could have been there.

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if you identify as cis but haven’t actually taken time to sit down and examine and analyze your gender identity, it’s probably time to do that otherwise you’ve just given in to society forcing a significant part of your identity upon you.

if someones comfortable with their gender identity to the point that its not even on their mind then theres no need for them to analyse it

as someone who basically identifies as cis i think it’s very much important to examine your gender identity. it might lead to small things: e.g. after i did that i stopped shaving because i realized that i wasn’t doing it for myself. further, i’ve stopped seeing my own face as a gendered thing and this makes it easier for me to be respectful of the identities of others, and easier to be happy with the meatsack i live in. i think that it’s very important for cis people to consider what aspects of gendered existence we hold sacred. peeing in a segregated space? if so, why? i mean this is exactly the kind of question trans communities have been trying to get us to deal with forever and i think that answering it on a cultural level will come with exactly the type of introspection that OP is asking for. 

some of the best advice i’ve got in college so far is “make strange what is comfortable” and hey, after you take it apart, you can put it right back together again if that’s what makes you happy but it’s still important to evaluate why you perform your gender the way you do and what rituals are essential to that? why are they essential? are they worth perpetuating? the answer might not always be yes EVEN for people comfortable with the label of their gender assigned at birth

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