Born Under a Bad Sign: Between two hills and the opulent mansions that stand upon them, there lies a battleground, one of decadence and wicked temptation. The men of this plane have lost track over the many millennia   of what they had been fighting for, what claim they had lost soldiers to, even the name of the very city they desecrated. All they know now is the metallic tang of blood mixed in ash and how the plumes of gun smoke that illuminated their visage in the dark was thrilling— intoxicating. But most of all they crave the cold touch of jewels and their engorged bank accounts. 

Two rival gangs, one fueled by lust and greed as any honorable gangster would be, and one fueled by a religious fervor that seeks to bring about the end of decadence—and perhaps even the world itself. These occultists who employ dastardly tactics to achieve their goal of all out apocalypse have been encroaching on East Hills’ territory steadily over the years but the murder of the  mob boss cum wannabe king changes the gameplay entirely. The men of East Hill are forced to call on their wives, sisters, and daughters to arms and find that they have been playing this mafiosa game a lot longer than they.  The time of the female mobster has come, and no macho brute attitude will be tolerated. They’ll kill with grace and fuck with passion. Style reigns, an arrogant affront to the cold cultists from the foreign hill. Showgirls with pistols tucked under their garter belts and hitmen doing raunchy caberet performances in rouge makeup.  

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