badassery, thy name is peggy carter: 


madnessandsmiles asked: I have a bunch of friends who just watched Captain America for the first time, and they all said it was a “completely horrible movie. Dry and stupid” and also that Peggy Carter was “such a weak character! She does a disservice to all women. She’s completely dependent upon Steve!” and I just…. how do I respond to that? I mean I really really don’t agree with them, but I don’t know what to tell them that they’ll listen to?

Answering this way, since an ask reply wasn’t going to allow me the freedom I need. So! I cannot do anything about your friends not liking the movie; we disagree on its merits, but that, more’s the pity, is a matter of taste. HOWEVER. I do have some questions for them about Peggy Carter! Can you ask them for me if Peggy was being a weak character/doing a disservice to women when she: 

  • Rose to a command position within an elite branch of the United States military?
  • Sucker punched that solider under her command for being a misogynistic bastard? 
  • Developed her crack shooting skills?
  • And then used them? In traffic? And was angry when Steve knocked her down in pursuit of the agent she was firing at, not because she’d fallen but because she’d had him, which would have spared everyone a barefoot car chase scene? 
  • Was sent to the battlefront with the rest of her unit while Steve stayed in the States singing songs and kissing babies? 
  • Tracked Steve down and informed him that he could do better than what he was doing, because she honestly (and CORRECTLY, I would point out) believed that he would be a huge asset to the war effort? 
  • Helped stage a daring rescue mission that saved the lives of most of the men in Bucky’s unit?
  •  (x)?
  • (that got its own bullet point because it is just so badass) 
  • Continued to serve in a command position within aforementioned elite branch of the US military while Steve rounded up Hydra agents? 
  • Calmly and firmly did what was necessary to handle Steve’s grief over Bucky and keep him on task? 
  • Was one of many assisting in the takeover and destruction of the final base? 
  • Kept her shit together while talking to the man she loved as he plummeted to his death??? 

Now, is it true that Peggy’s storyline, in this movie, is tied up with Steve’s? Well, yeah. The movie is called Captain America: The First Avengereverybody’s storyline is tied up with Steve’s. Steve is the point. Of the film. But for a character we’re probably never going to see on-screen again, and, I might add, who existed within the comics largely as an extension of/backstory for the Steve/Sharon relationship, I think that’s a pretty damn impressive list in a 124 minute movie about someone else. 

Tl;dr? I’d advise that you tell your friends this: if Peggy Carter is doing badass wrong, then goddamn, I do not want to be right.