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And then there’s this:  

6. He’s got the claws and the sweet hair, but what is Wolverine’s signature ability?
wrong answerUnnatural B.O.
wrong answerSuper strength
wrong answerThe ability to look like Hugh Jackman
correct answerRegeneration
Regeneration = no hangover = unlimited beer intake is his real superpower. Now you’re talking!

So I’m screwing around in the Cyber Cafe 

And I get this email from College Prowler that I open because I’m bored, and they have links to all these quizzes/trivia things/whatever. So I open the one with superhero trivia, thinking it’ll be something fun and mindless. Then I get this question:

2. Professor Charles Xavier is the mastermind behind which superhero group?
wrong answerFantastic Four
correct answerX-Men
wrong answerSuper Friends
wrong answerThe Avengers
Professor X can control your mind and get you to do stuff,
just like you’re pledging!